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As a Club charged with upholding the reputation of our breed and breeders, we sought advice from our breeders regarding the what they feel is the safest way to ensure that you get a pure bred, registered puppy.  Here is the result.

Say no to puppy scams by following the guide below


1.     When looking for your new family member, check the club webpage for a list of approved breeders.  This list will also show who currently has puppies and all breeders listed are happy to discuss their future plans and give you some guide- lines on when they could be expecting their next litter. To be on this list breeders must be able to assist you with things like grooming, training and if you are purchasing for show they have committed to guide you through the process involved.

2.   We do not recommend payment of a reasonable deposit until the puppies are born.  You may not get to ‘pick’ your puppy until 8 weeks when the breeder will have assessed the litter and decided which puppies are staying for showing and to continue the high quality of the breed.

This is not an advertisement for puppies but notice of the BREEDER availablity or likely availibility of Airedale Terrier puppies. Please check with the breeder of choice for microchip numbers and other information regarding your Airedale Interests.






Contact details

Puppies  available

  David Dunne & Cathy Gale 

  Neerim South

  Source number: RB101221


  0419 090 209

Mature re home available

Ron & Anne Sorraghan 

St Andrews

Source number: RB113366


0417 331 603


Suzanne Tennant


   Source number: RB100466

0428 661 997


Wesley Avery and Alison Heywood


Source number: RB102077


0425 787 360




Updated 2/07/2024

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Warragul, VIC, Australia
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